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1) Define what you want to do. Every day decide on three things your are doing to do (short term goals), no more than that! Why only three?  because three can turn into a lot more for these people. Every week to two weeks have three medium term goals. Every 6 months to 1 year have three more longish term goals. Then have three life time goals. This process forces you to prioritize. It allows you to identify what is worth doing, and what needs to be set aside. 

2) Avoid "Screen Sucking". Be carful of loosing all space and time while online or checking your email. Set a specific time to do these things.

3) Setting your default response from "Yes", to "Let me think about it", or "Let me get back to you on that." Overcommitting lets two or more people down.

4) Never worry alone. Worrying with another person helps you avoid making things bigger than they are, and does not let you isolate. When you worry with another person, you problem solve. 

5) Cultivate lilies and get rid of leeches. People or projects that are worth it are lilies. They may take a lot of time, effort, and may cause you all kinds of pain and agony, but in the long run they are worth it. In order for you to have time for your lilies, Hallowell says you are going to have to get ride of your leeches. Leeches are people or projects that just aren't worth it. They may be worth it on their own right, but not for you. They don't pay back the time that you put in. Most of the time you can simply withdraw from leeches. Some people stay with leeches for inertia or for reasons of guilt, "Don't do it. Let someone else. You don't need to continue giving your life's precious blood. Another person may become a lily for that leech. He goes on to say, "The downers in your life, withdraw  from them as best you can so that you will have time for the lilies. Too many lilies can also cause problems, crowding out growth potential for some or all, so choose them wisely. 

Based upon an interview containing Dr. Ned Hallowell and Marie Forleo.

Helpful tips


Investing in yourself can produce great results. I recently came across information from Dr. Ned Hallowell on the topic of prioritizing that I want to share with you.  He is a leading author and lecturer on the topic of child and adult ADD / ADHD. Dr. Hallowell has been interviewed on 60 Minutes, CNN, Dr. Oz, and more. He is also a NY Times best selling author. Dr. Hallowell maintains that our fast paced world creates so many choices that it can be difficult to focus.  He also says, "Smart people under perform because they fail to prioritize." 

Dr. Hallowell has put together 5 tips for smart people to define clear and specific goals.