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In Michal Yapko, PhD's book Essentials of Hypnosis he writes: "Relaxed, focused, and readily connected to one's resources . . . . This is where we enter the domain of hypnosis. Describing what happens in hypnosis in general, superficial terns is easy: Hypnosis helps by providing a deliberate means of paying focused attention to what matters and mobilizing the specific skills to manage life’s challenges effectively. But, how does focusing lead to changes in physiology and perception such that one can overcome panic attacks, or depression or have major surgery without a chemical anesthetic? Fascinating! This foundational question, and thousands more just like it, are asked by curious researchers and clinicians like myself who are dedicated to the study and practice of hypnosis. There’s something very powerful going on here we’d all love to understand better as we strive to help improve people’s lives – and our own as well." 


Andrew E. Henry, MA, LPC completed trainings in hypnosis at The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona.  He completed both Intermediate Intensive and the Advanced Intensive courses. As well as attended the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in Anaheim C.A. December 2017. While at the "Evolution" Andrew witnessed Dr. Michael D. Yapko perform a live demonstration using 
hypnosis at this conference. 

In 2017, Andrew attended Brian Weiss M.D.'s  workshop on Past Life Regression. 

Andrew began his study of hypnosis while attending a training by Randy Webb, LPC in Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis in October 2012. 

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(480) 201-4645